Ellie & Lucas: Married

I’ll tell you something, I am one lucky human. And I’ll tell you why… because I get to do a job that I love, and meet the most amazing people along the way. Prime example: Ellie and Lucas. I had met Ellie just a few times before, and I had never met Lucas at all until the morning of their wedding day, which means I had never photographed them either. There was a lot of “new” about the day. A town I had never visited before, a venue I hadn’t a clue what it looked like until the big day, a couple I had never met when they were together, not to mention all of their family and friends… but despite all of it, I have never felt so welcomed into their tight-knit circle of family and friends. This day was by far the most relaxing job I’ve done to date, despite the outdoor wedding with temperatures of over 100 degrees, and the fact that it was a wedding… days that are supposed to be stressful by nature. But when you’ve got a couple that love each other so much, and a family that is brimming with joy and sharing in their happiness, then I suppose it’s easy to see why.