Omaha Wedding / 2nd Camera

Admittedly I don't have a ton of wedding work under my belt. I've been doing photography on the side since 2010, but my bread and butter had been portrait, landscape, and commercial work. I felt comfortable with the technical aspect of photography, finding good light, and working with clients. But still, weddings seemed like a bear I wasn't ready to tackle. They can be so stressful! Not necessarily for the vendors, but rather for the couples and their families whom have poured so much heart and resources in preparation for such a big milestone event.

I couldn't in good conscience take a leap into weddings without first seeing what I'd be getting into. So, over the past year, I have been assisting veteran wedding photographers on wedding days, and being second photographer for others. I am thankful for everyone whom has allowed me to learn alongside them, and made me realize that it's ok to feel nervous over a wedding that wasn't even mine. A healthy dose of nerves is a great thing to have! I owed it to the couples who would be hiring me down the road, to really understand the importance of such a monumental day, and not take the opportunity lightly. 

Anyway, enough with all of the wordiness. Here's some work I shot and edited while second-shooting for the kind and talented, Tori Michelle