Shea + Connor

The entire time before photographing Shea + Connor consisted of relentless rain and lightning too close for comfort on the mountain pass. Luckily we caught a nice break. I loved everything about this day, from the moody skies to the way these two interacted so perfectly with one another. They seem like models, but really they're just two people so perfect for each other that their love just looks this good. 


Today I turned thirty. I didn't do much of anything at all, other than work my actual job and afterwards continued to work more on my side job. Ok, that's a bit of a lie. James and I went to dinner after our original plan of going canoeing fell through (It seriously hasn't rained in a while but it rained today). I don't have to celebrate thirty with a bang, I do plenty of other exciting things every other day. In fact, I've been wishing for nothing more than a quiet day at home to recharge... and that's what I got, and so I should really be grateful. I can kick ass on another day. Maybe tomorrow.

Since leaving my 20's, I've been reflecting on positive things that have happened up until this point, and there are so many of them! But on a professional level, this one stood out. I'm a behind-the-scenes type of gal, quiet, and kind of awkward. But in this instance, I took the initiative of reaching out to a local business that I had observed didn't have quality photos on their website. And lucky for me, they took a chance on me. These photos are the result of that opportunity (a small sampling, because there are about 300 of them...). If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a few of these previews. Since this photoshoot, I've improved a lot in my photography, and honed in on my technique. It's been exciting to see the growth! I feel proud about this and many other things, and I am proud of myself. Thirty is going to be amazing, just as my late 20's have been, because I'll make sure of it. 

Faraway Places

If you read my bio, you know my love for travel. Unfortunately, I didn't always take or keep photos of the places I have been. Someday I will go back and look for them, but for now, this is a little snippet! P.S. This post was inspired because James and I just FREAKING BOUGHT OUR TICKETS TO PATAGONIA! Ok goodnight :) 


I'll admit that I thought Judith and I wouldn't have much in common, BUT, we ended up having the oddest thing in common. Sigur Ros. I have met maybe a handful of other people whom have shared in my love for this Icelandic band, so this was a bit of a shock to me. Upon discovery of this commonality, I realized that we liked basically all of the same things. So don't judge a book by its cover. Or for that matter, another human being. 


A long time ago, when I first moved to Omaha, I took a second job at Banana Republic. I know, I know... If you've seen me lately you may be wondering how this could be considering my clothes consist of a smorgasbord of hiking and running clothes. But it's true, at one point, I did in fact care about all of the pretty things rather than the practicality of my wardrobe. I don't think there's any going back for me. Anyway, I only bring up this fun tidbit because it's actually relevant to this post: I used to work with Liz at Banana. She's all substance and style, beauty and kindness. 

Maria + Pierre: Engaged

Maria is my younger sister's friend. Before we became roommates for a short stint, we traveled through Greece and Turkey together (we called her our honorary sister during this time). But even before then, way before any of us knew her, she was growing up in another Mexican village less than 30 minutes from ours. Isn't the world so small?