In a nutshell...

My name is Maria Julie, but please just call me Julie.

I was born and raised in a small Mexican village until I was seven years old.

Fluent in both English and Spanish (because of Mexico, of course).

Traveled to 18 countries (lived in three). The world is so big and so great, I want to see it all.

Met my husband during a day-long relay race, whilst dressed up as a PacMan ghost.

Obsessed with my four cats, Nekochan, Loki, Luna and George. I’m a foster failure.

Muddy trails make my heart happy.

I am a runner. Not a super fast one, though I am working on it.

Pour over coffee and loose-leaf tea every day.

I've been a designer for most of my professional career, but nearing age 30, I took a leap and pursued what I loved the most, because life is short, and we should all just go for it.

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